The Colours of Winter

Coming Soon……

The Joyful Jewel Tones

of Winter.

Well ladies, I must admit that my enthusiasm for life, colour, music and dancing (yes, indeed) has all bubbled over this week with far too much exuberance !


( Snapped – ready to go out! )

A night out with friends last night, at a lovely bar in town, with great music and plenty of dancing was a rather fun filled and somewhat riotous celebration for a week that saw a number of projects come to fruition, plus our winter collection in all it's spectacular glory, take pride of place on the rails of the studio.

 And the reason for the added excitment is that COLOUR, this winter, reigns supreme !


( Colour swatches from our new range)

Deep, sumptuous colours that evoke passion and energy and ooze with opulence………


(Our new cerise coloured dress coat)


( A stunning soft shot teal and gold silk top)

To keep up with the lastest fashion news for styles and colours this winter, check out the latest edition of Vogue for a fabulous round up of the winter fashion that will be soon available in shops.


Vogue August 2011



There really is a magnificent palette of colours that will make winter a dazzling jewel in an otherwise lacklustre year. Colours ranging from vibrant Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Sapphire and Citrine.  Oh how we need their brilliance after the dismal summer we are currently having. Add to the gemstone colours sequins, and plenty of them, for lots of fun, frivolity and sparkle!

A trip to some silk shops in Soho today took me past the 'Irregular Choice' shoe shop on Carnaby Street – what a riot of colour lay within, for shoes of every hue sat waiting for buyers to come and claim them for the brilliance that will hit this winter!


 (For a very wacky collection of shoes- check out "Irregular Choice" – they certainly are irregular!!! )

So ladies, prepare yourselves for the wonderful warm colours of Winter …….  and if like me, you just love colour – deep and opulent, then you too will be bubbling over with excitement when you see the full spectrum of colours that will be available soon.

To add to the excitement of the week, the very beautiful Brazilian Model, Fluvia Lacerda,  will be wearing 'Carolyn de la Drapiere' clothes for an interview and photoshoot she is doing for Italian Vogue.  We can't wait to see the pics of her and to get copies of the magazine! ( I never quite envisaged someone wearing my clothes in Vogue – the home of ultra thinness –  surprises never cease! )

To check out Fluvia click on the link below.

 In the meantime, we will keep you posted about our new winter range and its availability on-line.  Though, if you would like to keep one step ahead of the game, it is available in the studio now!

Please do call in and see us – we love meeting all our clients and assisting you with choosing the right clothes for all those special occasions.

And as for my over enthusiasm for the colour and vibrance of life – well – I will try to keep it under control…….. !!!

  Though the thought of a little more dancing is rather appealing!

 (P.S  – On a more serious note –  With so much heartache, death and bad news in the world right now – it is difficult at times to keep smiling, for sometimes the sorrow of current events and personal issues threatens to overwhelm. Through it all though, I remind myself that we must soldier on, and make the most of each and every precious day that we are given.)


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