Great Excitment!

Great Excitement !

Guess what?

Carolyn de la Drapiere has a new studio/shop


But not quite yet……

We can't get too excited just yet as our new studio is under construction!

And what a great deal of construction is needed, for our new premises is currently in a bad way and needs a massive dose of TLC, not to mention nails, timber, paint, new carpet and goodness knows what else to get it into shape.


(The new studio – a building site)

All you ladies who have visited me in my current studio and who have seen our need for more space will understand my excitement.

Have to say though…… I will miss the organised chaos that reigns supreme in our current fitting room that doubles as my office.

Endless cushions are quarrelling with piles of fabric for supremacy of room, clothes are literally hanging on every conceivable hook and hanger, my old antique furniture groans under the weight of copious orchids and my laptop struggles with Mr Boffin, the cat, for desk space.

When one is passionate about colour, texture, fabrics, flowers, clothes, animals, flamboyance, frivolity and fun and attempts to fit them all into a small area then chaos is bound to ensue…..


(Racks of clothes,rolls of fabric,samples,mirros,sofas,cushions,orchids – all vying for space!)

From all your comments and boundless enthusiasm, I know you love the cosiness and the luxury of sinking onto the chaise longue amongst the plumpness of the cushions, and from such levels of comfort, then surveying your choice of dresses and outfits that end up tempting you into acquiring maybe more that you had originally envisaged!

The relaxed atmosphere where you feel confident to be dressed and fitted and where much giggling and hilarity is partaken of, will of course, be all part of our new studio/shop.

So what will it all look like?

Well…..there is simply nothing I relish more than a huge challenge of a creative nature…….

Enthusiasm and ideas are bubbling about and my exuberance for the project is at times overwhelming….. not for me, but for everyone around me!!

Will minimalism and practicality rule the day?

Oh, I think not ….

Watch this space for a slightly over the top, theatrical premises where we will all have a great time enjoying wonderful, shapely, curvaceous fashion in a relaxed environment that makes us all feel fabulous!


(Mmmm……a good place for a cat to rest – or perhaps he's contemplating doing a smidge of work!)

The new Studio for Carolyn de la Drapiere is situated in Barnes, literally a two minute walk from the previous location. Parking close by is available. Notification of moving date will be sent to all our current customers and advertised on the site. All appointments for November are at the old address.

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