*** Surprise ***

Happy 70th Birthday Dad !

I know you keep an eye on my blogs Dad, so I thought I would surprise you with a big Thank-you blog on this momentous week when you turn the grand age of 70!


 (Garrie at 70!)

I am not sure how much you know about women's fashion, probably not that much more than the average man, but you have been a huge inspiration to me in terms of having my own womens fashion label.Indeed it is true!

It is the immense confidence you instilled in me to believe in myself and to work hard to strive for goals and dreams, that has made me who I am.

You have always encouraged my creative, inquiring, investigative mind, in fact these traits I inherited from you and have over the years, often whilst travelling, got us into some hilarious situations…

You have taught me to be courageous and to face challenges head on, to never sit back and wait for things to happen, but to be proactive and to be out there, making the most of the one short life that each of us has.

And by leading with the example of your own successful career, you have shown that great results require discipline and patience, not to mention enthusiasm, perseverance and vigour. Obstacles may come along, but hurdle them with fortitude and good humour.

Your positive perspective of life is inspiring. Your support is enormously appreciated. Your guidance is paramount.


(At the launch of Carolyn de la Drapiere)

Thanks for being a wonderful Dad !

And, I hope you have many more decades of happy, healthy, fun filled years ahead of you!


(Dad – always clowning around!)

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