Proud Sponsors if the Welsh Rugby Team

Carolyn de la Drapiere is a proud sponsor of London Welsh Rugby Club and to get right involved with the spirit of the club and to make the most of our partnership, we organised a photoshoot that was like none other we have ever done! Take six gorgeous, muscly rugby players, One beautiful blonde model Wearing Carolyn de la Drapiere clothes… Mix together on a cold drizzly winter’s day and what do you get?


Lots of quick-witted innuendo from the boys. Equally quick-witted replies from Kate, the model Tonnes of laughter… And of course – Amazing Photos!

What a day – the hilarity was non-stop as Kate posed, pouted and smiled her way through a photoshoot that would make most models envious! And as with all shoots, once everyone relaxes and the nerves give way, the real fun begins with all sorts of crazy ideas being thrown up as to what poses should be tried and what would look good. We just had to capture those sexy ‘apple’ green socks! Mmmm… really nice boys!


And as for the players – well all six were stars in their own right. They took to the camera is if they were born models – looking super cool in their red and white match kits, and flexing their muscles to show off their strength, they looked amazing and complimented the beauty of Kate perfectly!


The super strong props – Greg Bateman and Shawn Pittman who gallantly held Kate shoulder high. Sitting aloft on those huge shoulders, Kate looked like a princess ready to be carried off out of the rugby ground and to a splendid ball somewhere, ready to dance the night away.

Looking ruggedly handsome and enjoying the madness of the whole shoot was the Captain, Gordon Ross with those incredibly huge and impressive arms of his! Plus, the totally gorgeous Alex Davies who we all thought was simply the best – Well he has played rugby in New Zealand!


Super sexy and ultra cool with their enviable blonde locks were Seb Jewell and Martin Purdy who both looked like professional models, so impressive were their poses. They did an amazing job hamming up the poses and pouting most impressively!

So why Rugby? The question I know so many of you are dying to ask! Well, my first breath was taken in the hands of an All Black Player! The marvellous Mark Irwin – who represented New Zealand as a forward for many years. You see, back in the 60’s when I was born in New Zealand, rugby players were not paid for representing their country as they now are. So they all had other jobs as well, to support themselves. Mark Irwin was a GP and our family doctor and as was practice back then, the family Doctor was in attendance at a birth. Thus it was that as I was delivered, he caught me with much deftness and swiftly passed me to my parents in a move that would have been impressive in any world cup game! (Well, so I am told!) How could I not enjoy the game with that start in life? With a father who himself played as a forward in his school rugby team, and then a massive supporter throughout his and therefore my life, I am partial to a good game of rugby.


Thanks to the fabulous team who worked so hard to make the shoot successful. Hair and Make- up by Neesha Rahman Photos by Ashley Bradley Model – Kate Blackett. Click Here for the Full Photo Album of the Shoot Good luck to London Welsh in the Play-offs.


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