The Funniest Photoshoot ever…

The Funniest Photoshoot



If only I could tell you all about the hilarious goings on with the photoshoot we did with the London Welsh Rugby team. It was completely comical with all sorts of shenanigans and naughty quips and more laughter than you could possibly imagine.



(poses in the locker room!)

However girls, some things I overheard are better left to the imagination, for I am sure I was not meant to hear half of what I heard when it came to those cheeky boys who posed with such composure when Kate, our gorgeous model was in their presence. It was enough to make my ears burn!!


Our gorgeous model Kate was tickled whilst trying to look serious and then with a one, two three, she was thrown into the air!!

London-welsh-rugby-shoot-blog-throwing-Kate.2jpg London-welsh-rugby-shoot-blog-throwing-Kate

The day was freezing cold, drizzly and wet, with quite a wind. Kate had to pretend it was the middle of summer as she posed in soft, silk dresses making the whole effect look 'hot'.  It always makes me laugh when people make comments about the glamour of photoshoots, for they are completely the opposite – especially this one! Imagine being a model, having to change behind a blanket on the edge of a muddy rugby field and emerge looking ultra gorgeous in a summery dress, when the temperature is freezing! The rest of us with frozen hands trying to dress and undress her quickly- changing her complete outfit – underwear, overwear, jewellery and make-up. The whole procedure was difficult, but with lots of shivering and good humour we giggled our way through many changes.


(Kate trying to keep warm between shots – blowing kisses to me I should add – not the boys!)

Needless to say it was lots of fun and we all had a great time capturing some fabulous photos. Check out the ' News ' page on our website for all the pics.


'You Tube' clip of the shoot will be coming soon…so check back in another couple of days!

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