‘Tis the season to be Jolly!


Oh what a jolly month December is turning into – with enough parties and festivities to keep one going for a full year. In fact sometimes I wish we could spread all the good cheer into January as well, just to sparkle up an otherwise dull month!

But let’s forget January for now and concentrate on the most festive season of all. There really is no month quite like December with everyone in good humour, catching up with all those nearest and dearest for a little drink or two – or for a huge outrageous party that captures the essence of Christmas with all its frivolity and fun.


I find myself once again in the midst of the usual whirlwind of parties and Christmas celebrations. At the rate things are currently going, I think I will be so exhausted come Christmas day that I will be joining grandpa on the sofa, slumped in a corner, snoring my way through the special Christmas episode of Downton Abbey! Forget the turkey and all the trimmings – just a jolly good rest will be in order for the day!


(The turkey makes a grand get-away!)

The big dilemma of course is what to wear for all these special occasions that will feel fabulous, look divine and sparkle throughout the evening? Girls – I know you are all going to be looking absolutely amazing as you have been ordering the most heavenly dresses ever. ‘The Perfect Night’ dress has been on the winning list again this year – and yes, I have been out in mine yet again for it never fails to look great. The sparkly version of ‘Whispers of Seduction’ is up there at the top – it is super slinky and just so gorgeous. The most popular, however, is the beautiful red lace dress – ‘Lacey Kisses’. It is ultra-glamorous, feels amazing on, with its sexy red and black silk shot lining and delicate lace over the top. I love wearing mine, with it’s saucy cleavage-enhancing neckline and sultry see through sleeves. I actually feel a little like a fiery red Christmas cracker when I am wearing it, ready to party into the night in full festive mode!


(Red Lacey Kisses – the fiery red dress which is the Christmas favourite this year – It looks far more luscious in real life than in this photo – which really does the dress no favours at all. I am sure all the wearers of it will quite agree – and for that matter – so will all the observers of it as well!)

Christmas in London is still a great novelty to me, even after living here for nearly 18 years. Having been born in a land down under, I am used to Christmases that swelter with high temperatures where one sizzles and sweats in ways that are not quite so pleasant. I love the cold days and freezing nights of an English Christmas, where lights glitter from trees and decorations deck the houses, shops, pubs and bars, and open fires are cosy and create warm memories each year.


There is, however, one thing that I really miss about hot steamy Christmases in Sydney where I lived for many years, and that believe it or not, is the open air Christmas carol concerts that literally take place in just about every town and suburb across the land.


Christmas carol concerts are legendary and if you are into a bit of a sing-a-long, like I am, then they are an absolute must. Thousands of people literally gather for the big free festive concerts in the central city parks, to relax in the languid warmth of a summer evening, with candles alight and to sing all the old carols that one loves to remember at this time of year. Taking picnic hampers full of cold champers and delicacies to nibble on throughout the evening, many happy hours are spent singing at the top of one’s lungs, intermingled with listening to special guests performing well loved tunes.


In search of something equivalent, I often find myself at the Royal Albert Hall at this time of year to enjoy one of the many Christmas specials that encourages everyone to join in amongst a concert of fabulous guest performers. I have to report though girls, between you and me, that I have run out of people to accompany me, as none of my family and friends are overly enamoured of such events and sadly view them as completely uncool!


(The Royal Albert Hall)

Should you happen to know anyone that enjoys a little Christmas joviality along such ‘uncool’ lines – then perhaps you can steer them in my direction! A new singing partner would be very welcome!


For some reason Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a few carols! I think this year it will just be me and my ancient guitar giving a wobbly rendition of a few old favourites one evening by the fire at home, with a few tiddly friends joining in!


Wishing you all, my dear readers, a splendid and very merry Christmas with your families and friends. I trust you will all have a ball and enjoy those fabulous parties in the amazing dresses we have been sewing up in the last few weeks. I would also like to send my very, very best wishes to four of our customers who have had wedding dresses made for Christmas weddings. What a romantic and heavenly time of the year to be married in, with churches filled with candles and castles lit with lanterns – your weddings sound heavenly and I hope they are all happy occasions.


Best wishes to everyone and season’s greetings.

Love Carolyn xx


P.S. On Friday I received the most heavenly bouquet of roses – delivered to the studio in a beautiful box. They are so pretty and made me smile, for roses are my absolute favourites! Alas there was no card accompanying them, nor a name to identify the sender. So if the sender happens to read this blog, then a big huge thank you for sending them – they are gorgeous and maybe you can let me know who you are!


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